Mario was born as a child in the cultus of Shimi. He was however one of the few children born invisible instead of visible. This problem occurs more often in the cultus of Shimi because of inbreeding. Most of these children get lost and die, because they can not sustain themselves.

Mario got lost as well. His parents couldn’t find him when he went on wandering in the streets. For some strange reason he was however capable to survive for several years in solitude on the streets of a small Drow city. He managed to steal drinks and food, even though he was just four years of age. Because he was forced to turn a thief in his early youth, stealing became as a second nature. It was thus not surprising that rumours spread about a master thief active in the drow community.

In response to the rumours, the drow government installed a magical police force to capture the culprit. Eight year old Mario couldn’t fight the magical superiority of the law enforcers and was taken to a well guarded prison in drow city. Here he remained as a prison for over 12 years, when suddenly all of drow city started to turn into chaos. He managed to escape the prison during the tumult. He followed some of the evacuees out of the city. One of these evacuees was Zhou Ma. She noticed a small magical spark following her out of the city. While her party members slept during the night, she sneaked out to search and identify the owner of that spark. She was surprised when she found out when there was only an empty place on the location of the spark. She brushed her eyes and looked again to make sure that there really was nothing around. Then she found foot steps in the sand, stopping exactly at the location of the magical spark. She acted directly, she summoned an electrical snake to attack the electrical spark and the spark gave a shriek and the sound of a hit when Mario fell paralyzed to the ground.

Mario was bound by a magical rope, ensuring that he wouldn’t be capable to leave Zhou Ma. Then the interrogation started. Mario told everything that he knew and said that he only wanted to be normal. Zhou Ma knew this to be correct and felt pity for Mario. She decided to help him to become visible, when he would offer his service to her. Mario was pleased with his first offer for help and his first chance for visibility.

Zhou Ma led Mario to a secret laboratory, where one of her researches started to experiment on Mario. It took several months before the source of the invisibility was identified. By genetically modifying the body, the researcher managed to make Mario visible for the first time. Mario was thrilled with the experience of being visible, but soon after his “recovery” he understood that visibility has its disadvantageous as well. He was unable to move unseen and steal as he did in his past. Therefore he once again contacted Zhou Ma to help him to change between a visible and invisible state. Zhou Ma’s head researcher took on the challenge and managed to mike slight alterations in Mario’s DNA, so that he could change his visibility at will.



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