Kára was raised by a kenku family of no magical significance. It was thus a surprise for her family when she started to show evidence of a large magical spark on her twelfth birthday. Her family didn’t know what to do and asked the local priest for advice. The priest said that Kára should learn to use her magic. Kára’s father however was not wealthy and could not pay for magical education. Therefore he decided to apply her for duty in the weather control guild. Even at an age of twelve years her power could compete with the guild higher ups, but unlike them, she couldn’t control it. Training her control became top priority when her power accidently triggered a thunder storm that destroyed at least seven houses in kenku city.

After seven years of intense training she was capable to control her powers and use them to summon and control the most powerful lightning. She was confident and self assured, however she was also alone. She was alone because she was bearing such great power, which is unimaginable for most of her generation. In search for someone else who would understand her magical power she came across references of a powerful lightning magician in Nyhem. She hoped to meet this magician and join forces. It was thus a pleasant surprise when Sallust, a recruiter of the Nyhem magician Zhou Ma, sought contact with her. Sallust told Kára that she could partner with Zhou Ma and join missions when she was willing to learn how to use the power of death and un-dead.

Kára decided to take the chance and migrated to Nyhem in search for a soul mate. Eventually this search was postponed, because Zhou Ma was on an important mission to save the realm against of world invaders. Therefore she decided to train to impress her future companion when they will eventually meet. Her training efforts soon proved to be of great importance, because an all out war with the Aetherials was started. She was assigned to a battle unit under general Archibot, with whom she fought against an army and a powerful mage. Kára took on the opportunity to show of her own power and managed to battle on par with the evil mage. While the mage of the elves was occupied with a magical battle against Kára, Archibot’s army managed to destroy the medical equipment of the foreign army. The mage was so frustrated that she made a bold move to destroy Kára. Kára was however prepared and used this to her own advantage. She evaded the attack and managed to electrify the mage her staff. The mage dropped the staff and fled the battle, the battle was over. Kára walked up to the staff and took it as her own new weapon of choice.

Archibot who witnessed the fierce battle between Kára and the mage of the elves was impressed. She decided to promote Kára to general in the armies of Ara. Kára accepted the honour and was delighted and ensured that she would impress her future partner Zhou Ma.



The Hunters of Ara Virp