The Hunters of Ara

lizzard poem

hissss wat is wordt was,
hissss nieuw wordt oud,

Hissss wat beweegt daar in het duister?
Hissss wat gebeurd er allemaal?
Hissss ik kan er niet meer tegen!

Hissss the power of a country
Hissss the unity, the crown
Hissss majesty

Again those two

We really made a mess of trying to infiltrate the palace. I guess guards aren’t really charmed by big intimidating monsters. Who would have guessed… After abandoning all hope of winning, the golem, the doctor and the lion got captured. Zhou Ma escaped and I managed to change myself just in time. Iria was still mindcontrolled by the Bullywug poison, or at least he was pretending too be. So he didn’t have to worry about being thrown in jail. Luckily our second try to get into the palace went much smoother. Too bad we “forgot” about the others and got a bit distracted by loot. But hey, they managed to free themselves, so all is well, right? Now it was time to overthrow the king of frogs called Boris. Stepping into the throneroom we also met some “old friends”. Again those annoying Ethereals. We killed the female pretty quick, cause we are awesome like that. And then of course, as if two of them wasn’t enough another Ethereal appeared. I never met her before, but some of us did. Sana the deceiver, or something like that. What a weird name. At first we could barely hit her, but after killing both that lame excuse of a king and the male Ethereal she was an easy target. What bothered me though was that her body was absorbed into this strange light, my gut feeling says this is bad stuff, really bad. After inspecting the bodies we found some interesting items. I myself now have a spike that was impaled into the king’s head and a collar that was around his neck in my possession. I am very curious about what the powers of these items are, and i hope i will discover it soon. Iria settled for the king’s belt. It looked really good on him, especially because his new buff body (Thank you Bullywug Poison, damn he is hot now.) I really think it is a shame that the Bullywug rebels wanted it back so they could choose their own king, cause I think Iria as a king would have be hilarious. However by returning it we now have new allies in the war. A war that will be over soon, cause there is one thing you shouldn’t do. Fuck with those from Nyhem. And fucking with us is what they did.

- Arya

The First Real Fight

After fighting both queen loving drow, chicken and stone monsters filled with evil spirits, it was time to go to the frogs. While the chickens were just plain annoying, the frogs were quite easy people. We convinced the lot of them with some freshly made ‘vodka’. The doctor and myself got quite the hand on making the good stuff. Maybe we should brew some drinks for giant sales in our spare time. Anyhow, we were told that there was a professor Kirov around in a tribe of frogs. I even remembered a name. Note to self: I am quite proud of my improving memorisation skills! Anyhow, since most of the frogs are loyal to the shady dipshits, I wore my ultimate disguise once more. Yes the red hat was back in action! I walked in a hot tent and got impaled with a few spears instantly. Luckily these frogs aren’t good fighters, so I could just shrug it off like nothing happened. We quickly made these frog into our allies by sharing our vodka, and I… joked… about returning the spear favor to become spear brothers. While the foolish lion and changeling went to the bar to search for clues, I went to the mayors office after this with the doctor. As expected, he was in the bar instead of his office in the afternon, so we just plundered his house and got ourselves the deed for this bar. This land will be ours eventually, why not speed up the progress right?

Anyhow, after we stumbled around a bit we managed to find Prof. Kirov. This useless frog found a way to stop Jakthar from sniffing things. Faggot didn’t even want to teach me the technique, said it was force or something. He may rot in hell for all I know. After a little talk we went to meet him and more anti-ghostguy frogs outside to prepare for a battle of some sort. Obviously one of these guys, Boris, couldn’t be trusted. Who saw that coming! Oh, except everyone. But after this non suprising act some of the faggy ghosts actually shown their hideous faces. Don’t remember their names, something amongst the lines of Gayface and Sir Stinkybottom. Maybe those names were just my imagination, because they japped a lot. These twerps empowered Boris and send some additional big frogs, captured Kirov in a weird cube like magic vortex, and then fled. Pansies. These forces were easily dealt with because we are awesome… Did I say we? How generous of me. We managed to question Boris before I stabbed him and melted him into ashes with acid, and we found the next meeting location that way. Some time was yet to be spend, and I had a nice conversation with Arya. Very nice..

So, we arrived at the location of which boris spoke. This farm seemed pretty normal. We made sure it was not just normal anymore… Those bandagefarts could instantly teleport after all. I managed to persuade the doctor into helping me build a small anti teleportation device, which got later ‘tweaked’ (Note: messed up) by the rest of our group. They were building all kinds of secret walls and the likes. Escape shouldn’t be possible after all. I created a nice tentacle corruption trap with the Lich, and placed it around a freshly found magazine, big ghostly busts weekly. Figured that would lure them in. Arya did the talking again, but wasn’t really in shape today. Therefor we just jumped these fading fags. While most of the group went after the swordthing, I went completely nuts on the magic energy thing. Working quite well. Oh it is so lovely finally slashing through something strong again. Strange how you could get such bloodlust from creature that do not have blood. Anyhow, the devices seemed to work quite a bit, and we almost had them down.

Obviously they pulled one of their lame tricks. They went invurnable somehow, and took their sweet time in making a barier around us of some sort. I don’t know why we didn’t act to it in any form or way, but apparently that was part of the magic. Wizard did it, yadda yadda. Those see-through shitheads were making one of those cubes around us now too. Everything went dark, and all we knew was that we didn’t have a lot of time to get ourselves out of this one. I gave Arya one big hug, and prepared myself for the first battle in which my god complex faded. The struggle against impending doom…

- Iria Sangheli

War as an investment

After the long and frequent battles, cost sky rocketed and losses were taken on a daily base. It seemed that it might never end and that profit would become a word of the past. Yesterday however was a day of hope for capitalists such as myself. There were several battles which we could fight with combined nyhem and kenku forces.
In the first battle for kenku village, we had a true stand off between two enduring opponents. Our healers were however capable to heal all our losses, while the small losses of our adversary kept stacking. The outcome of this battle of endurance was determined rather quickly, but obtained after several days of besiege.
The second battle was a true walk over for our army division. Ogaz used heavy artillery to shoot down the enemy lines even before battle commenced. When our enemy reached the battle field, only their general was alive. We allowed him his pity live in return for severe financial compensation.
The third battle was one of the more difficult battles of last week. We fought a strong mage, who used the terrain to her advantage. It was thus not surprising that we assigned our strongest genera Archibold to this battle. It was however a stroke of luck that my future underling Kára was assigned to his squad. She managed to fend of the mage, while Archibold her healing specialists managed to sabotage the enemies healing division. When the evil mage saw her healers destroyed she used all her remaining magic to drastically reduce our armies. Kára used this opportunity to counter the mage and claim her staff of wits. Archibold was impressed by Kára’s combat skills and decided to promote her to general. The end result of the battle is twofold, on the one hand we lost many good soldiers in fighting the vicious mage, but on the other hand a new hero for our cause was created in the battle.
The fourth battle was by far the most important one. Our general Ardo was fighting an overpowered army of elves serving under Sana the deceiver. It was his task to maintain his ground and reduce losses on our side before reinforces of Strümel arrived to attack the usurper in the rear. Ardo fought well and managed to hold back the enemy for a day. On dawn of the second day, Strümel arrived with his powerful laser canon. While firing the laser, it became clear that the opponents army was much smaller then it seemed. Sana was deceiving us, by controlling a large scale illusion. The laser interrupted the illusion and made multiple casualties in our enemy’s ranks. In the oncoming turn we used the power of our god to pulverize the remaining opponents. While seeing her army destroyed she decided to flee for our power. We decided to use pirates to loot the resolved battlefield for leftovers.
It was thus a very well fought battle from our side. We managed to destroy most of the enemy’s forces and we kept our own losses low. Additionally, we made a nice financial profit in doing so.
Zhou Ma

The importance of intel

War. It is a useless concept. It’s about people fighting and people dying. I don’t want people to die, they can be useful to me, so I don’t like this war. It is slowing me down. I want to convince cities and nations of my power, but I am not a mere pawn in battle.

Luckily I still have some influence now the war has become. Sitting together with friends playing risk. Deciding which general with what army has to fight where. It is a difficult task, but someone has to do it. Last weak for example our armies fought against the elves in the Drow hills. There were three battles, altogether overpowering our own forces in quantity and quality. There was no way we could win them all…

At least, that is what we taught. For some strange reason however, our “beloved” allies, the Drow and Bullywug forgot us to mention that they were sending strong support towards the frontline, messing up our entire strategy. This ones again urges the importance of good intel. So after beheading the previous scouts we hired some new and better ones. We expect to get quite some better information.

- Zhou Ma

The Beginning of the Inevitable

We were in war with the so called prophet, and he tried to get us down no matter what. We tried to finish off in killing off the frontal siege before the force shield was down, and succeeded. With my abilities, normal footsoldiers stand no chance after all… We entered the castle and spoke with a commander. I thought he looked quite stressed, so I tried to make him relax a bit more. Let’s just say the product needs more testing and I needed some rest after that.
From what I’ve heard the rest was lead to the power crystal which powered the shield. When the doctor touched it it lost all it’s power, and the group was fighting amongst themselves over this piece of magnificent loot. We decided to delay this due to an invasion force entering our castle. These were no elves, these were the filth of the filth, drow…We took some of our soldiers with us and fought off their footsoldiers without any problem once more, but their commander was more of a nuisance. He couldn’t stand up to the might of Iria Sangheli though…cough I mean the hunters of ara yes… Our group was quite thinned though, leaving a few of our members in the sick bay already. Such a shame, I really wanted to show off some of my strong attacks to impress Arya…. getting offtopic..
Anyhow, the drow commander wasn’t even dead for a second, and we already heard the prophet and his elven faggots marching towards the gate of the keep. There really is no end to the war. We build up some extra defences and used a hidden shaft to quickly dispose of all the invading douchebags without any real problem, but shamefully, the prophet liked being overpowering and shot half our castle to smithereens. The assface elf likes destroying our property? Bitch has to pay the price.
I started attacking the prophet, but his shield made my slashes feel more like a cat scratching his owner softly when playing.. Luckily, after we’ve got a few attacks in on him anyhow, something totally unexpected happened. The doctor ascended to a godly form for a second, taking on the voice of an elder of an old race. He then shot mister I-have-an-overpowered-shield-because-without-it-i’m -a-useless-faggy-elf right in the face, effectively destroying the shield. The doctor then returned to normal. After this, we had an intense battle with the prophet. He almost had us a few times, but we managed to cling to our lifes just long enough to win. He did shoot the lich down halfway through, but well. After our whole castle got filled with nasty marks of death we managed to kill of the prophet. It seemed like he lost his powers instantly afterwards, making this elf only a puppet for the prophet… So the prophet isn’t only a gay-homo-fag, but he also is a coward.
After the fight, the war of the castle was practicly won. The soldiers outside were finishing off our good. Our dwarven pal showed up using a portal. This made me think about why we even walked here on our own in the first place… ah well… He gave us new necklaces which they had made for us. Mine looked like a leaf again… always with the plants.. but this time it had a nice golden chain, and a small idol of a black human. I didn’t know him, but it’s probably someone with great power, so I accepted it for this time.
He took someone with him.. again. This time it was a black chicken who seemed to have meet ‘us’ before. I say us like that because at this moment it was only me, the hermit and the doctor left, all not really hunter of ara veterans.. Anyhow, black chicken told us about the power crystal being a memory crystal of an ancient race, which he was a descendant of. The doctors godly temporarely powers were an effort of absorbing these memories. Long story short, Way in the past the black chicken race was so smart and peaceful that even the gods were jealous. These gods empowered another race, the ethereals, to make them fight against the chickens. Many chickens were slaughtered, but with all their great knowledge they managed to hold their ground again after a while. Seems like the ethereals now became too strong. This time the gods banished their own twisted creations to another realm. The ethereals are trying to return to our realm and reign supreme once again. Sigh… they really could have used a god of wisdom or something… even the gods of this world are retarded.
Now we have limited time to find the remaining memory crystals, which are scattered around the worlds main cities, in time and forge alliances to fight off this impending doom. While the group went onwards to the city of the drows, I took the rest of our army back to Nyhem, of course inviting Arya to join me and have a nice talk with me on the trip! Ahumm.. I mean, the hunters of ara would be safer on their trip home with one of their top guns with them, yes.
I am going to use the same kind of portal technique the dwarf used to get myself back in action when the time comes. In the meanwhile, I hope the rest of our moronic party will fare well.
I hoped today we could end this war, but apparently, it has only just begon.

- Iria Sangheli

Chaos, to much chaos?!

It was a strange day today; I think reality is twisting through the emergence of these etherials. For example I tried to sell the necklace to Loekie. As always, I succeeded in doing so. He was however rather intimidating and forced me to return fundings. I managed to convince him that the money will be used for both our purposes. This was spoken true, for I am a woman of my word and perhaps a little bit because I was afraid of him.

After this first confusing episode with Loekie, we fought a destroyer. With the help of my superior powers we managed to destroy him. The druid Iria wanted to use the destroyer for research. Usually, I also want these type of artefacts, but the elf promised me to share his research results. That really made me happy and I even let him drug me. It made me weakened, but I didn’t mind, I was happy with the obtained insights in his research results. It wouldn’t surprise me if they thought my happiness was caused by the drugs.

After these strange actions, Kahl and I went to collect our loan for getting rid of the destroyer. The carpenter however didn’t have his promised money available. We both tried to look very angry, while inside we were laughing, since we both though the same thing at the same time over de hyvemind: Carpenter take over! We decided to take over the carpenter and thereby increased our income. Furthermore, we decided to diversify the products made by the carpenter in order to serve a larger future market. We decided to produce furniture and closets. We decided to rename the carpenter: interieur, kasten en accessoires. We hope to use our “entrepreneural skills” to artificially create a market for furniture and closets.

After this beneficial meeting with the carpenter, war emerged and we were all pulled into it. We were to rescue a fortress from surrounding troops, unfortunately however we were not save inside the big walls and magical field of the fortress. I should say however, that I’m very interested in the artefact that creates this magical field. Perhaps I should start a collection of magical artefacts?

By Zhou Ma

!!!Nyhem News Network Update!!!

Nyhem Section

Arcane University
Recently construction of a grand arcane university has been started. This project is said to be a joint venture between house Lucyan and Zahar to bring arcane knowledge to the next level and to attract prospective arcanists.

Racist Killer?
In the slums district the corpses of several changeling merchants have been found. All these body have been horribly deformed and mutilated beyond recognition. The city guard’s investigation on these cases has so far been fruitless.

Herbalism Shops
It’s fast, it’s fun and its booming. Herbalism shops are being opened everywere throughout the city. However, when NNN tried to come into contact with the owner of these shops, we found out that appearently it is run by several anonymous investors.

Trouble at the Cemetary
Local skirmishes broke out near the cemetary yesterday, where the city guard tried to apprehend several dangerous assassins. These assassins were rumoured to be involved in the murder of late lord Gruntz, former leader of house Lucyan. During the skirmishes guard captain Immilzin, Lt. Vostok and High Judge Ardat were killed. Local authorities claim the assassins got away unscathed and went into hiding again.

The High Judges of House Doru have recently passed an edict that brands all members of the Brotherhood of Steel as outlaws. Law abiding citizens are advised caution when dealing with these outlaws in order to avoid prosecution.

Construction work
Military district civilians have been complaining to the local authorities about construction noise in their neighbourhood. The source of this disturbance seems to be several previously abandoned warehouses, which are currently being retrofitted for a yet unknown purpose.

Quicksilver prices
The price of quicksilver has recently soared through the roof, increasing by as much as 200%. Insiders reveal that this might be due to a severe shorttage in the supply, as a consequence of the increased number of raids on trade caravans hailign from the Regal Mountains.

National archery champion
Tanya Serova, a mercenary captain and member of the brotherhood of steel, has been crowned national archery champion 2012, due to outstanding performance in this year’s archery compition. Neeshka Gibal, a tiefling ringleader became the close second. An relatively newcomer in the scene, Archibot Nadalis, was able to take third place. When we interviewed her on her spectacular performance she responded: “The calibrations must still be slightly off”.

Ghosts from the crater
Many of you will still remember the tragedy that befell house Jenit and our beautiful city park. The ray of divine punishment unleashed on the poor citizens of this city, who have incurred the wrath of the dieties. The crater that now solely remains is an area best avoided due to the corruptive energies that have been measured. However some bold citizens have reported that during a sightseeing tour they heard ghosts wispering.

Sahai Region Section

Border Skirmishes
Heated border skirmishes are common nowadays along the Istalia Plains. Where elven nomads have been raising arms against the drow settlers. As these hostilities continue the relationship between the elves and drow become even more strained.

A prophet rises
A new selfproclaimed prophet has risen amongst the elves. This tribal chieftain proclaims that the end is near and that all races must unite under his banner in order to face the final ordeal. Eventhough his band of followers is still small, he gains more influence with each and every day.

Bird flu?
Several Kenku priestesses, from the Jambu clan have, succumbed to a mysterious flesheating disease. Our correspondent informed us that it is a necrotic disease that consumed the victims from the inside within several days. So far no medicine or healing spell has been effective against this disease.

Predator of the Night
The drow city states are in uproar, recently over 50 murders have been commited by the same predator. Noone has been able to even catch a glimp of the attacker and all the victims have huge claw wounds across their stomaches. The city patrols have so far been doubled and there is now a nine o’clock curfew in an attempt to stop this killer in it’s murderous onslaught.

Session 7-5-2012

Excerpt from the diary of Iria Sangheli:

The day the tank died

Finally the day came. The idiot tank died. Noone really saw it coming though, because he took an iron dragon head on once without trouble. He also managed to use a door in the drow prison as a tower shield. Quite a glorious sight really. He will be missed.. mostly because one of us now has to take all the enemy blows in the face. Shit is going to get rough. Right after the speech of miss lich some weird lion dude came up to us, saying he was terribly sorry for our loss. Loeki, as I called him instantly, said he was the leader of the brotherhood of steel, of whatever those fella’s are called where scorchy is from. An ally lion? At least my forms stand out a bit less I guess.

We couldn’t really talk, because a crapload of guards entered the burial grounds. Appearently their captain had been trouble for the rest way in the past. He looked like a righteous bastard, so killing him wasn’t much of a moral problem. I wanted to mount his head on a polearm and use it as a puppet to scare the remaining guards, but the idiots managed to blow up his whole body with their killing blow. Goodbye fun, I say… Anyhow, it seemed like these guards were send here by the House which houses the fag from the council of the pyre. With loeki on our side, we fought them off, and broke their spirits even more than a house in the slums. Quite some fun there. Appearently there was a high judge who controlled this guardmob, with his bodyguard. After quite a battle, they died, and we looted. And now we are planning a way to take down the last house in the city. I’d rather just burn the house instead….. but sometimes we have to make compromises.

- Iria Sangheli

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