Damage types

All the damage types in the Sahai region can be classified as one of two base types, or is of a special type.

  • Magical Damage: Fire, Cold, Lightning, Radiant, Necrotic, Psychic and Shadow
  • Physical Damage: Untyped, Acid, Poison, Force, Thunder, Energy and Life Force

Chaos, Void, Sacred and Aethir are special damage types which can not be classified under one of the two above base types.

Resistances work on a base type, so any incoming damage of a type that falls under the base type for which the resistance offers protection is reduced. An x amount of magic resist reduces the damage from all incoming magic attacks by x (so, resistances work as a flat reduction); the same goes for physical. Note that this only applied to incoming damage, so ongoing damage taken is not reduced by resistances.

The exceptions to the above rule are Chaos damage, Sacred Damage and Aethir Damage. Chaos damage by its nature ignores all resistances and always does full damage. The only protection against Chaos damage is given by a Void shield.

Damage types

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